Take bird out of fridge 2/3 hours before cooking
Season bird with salt and pepper , cook breast side down for two thirds of cooking time at 180c . Allow 20mins per kg. Eg . 6kg bird = 2 hours
Turn bird over for last third of cooking time and baste with juices in
Roasting pan. Check turkey is cooked by cutting into the thigh of the bird and if juices run clear then it is cooked .
Rest for 1 hour wrapped in foil

Boneless turkey breast also known as a boneless crown

Pre heat oven to 180c
Double plain (approx weight 5kg) 2 hours 30 mins
Double stuffed ( approx weight 5.5kg) 3 hours
Single plain ( approx weight 2.5kg) 1hour 30 mins
Single stuffed (approx weight 3kg) 1hour 45 mins

Dorset gammon (this is cured pork and the raw state of ham)

Approx weight 2.5-3kg
Simmer in water for 1 hour 30mins with chopped celery,carrot and onion , bay leaf and a few pepper corns
Then take out of water and peel skin off , if any
Pre prepare in a bowl ,some sherry,brown sugar and clear honey
Score fat in a diamond pattern and stud with cloves
Pour glazing mixture over gammon and cook for 45mins at 180c
Every 15mins take out and spoon mixture back over gammon

Award winning bearfield ham

Glaze the same as gammon if required for 30mins
Always keep cooked meat in fridge (top shelf) when not eating it
And wrap in tin foil or grease proof paper

Gloucestershire goose

Our geese weigh between 5.5 – 6.5 kg each
Season with salt and pepper and cook for 3 hours at 180c on a wire rack so goose sits up from roasting tin
Every hour carefully take out of oven and spoon some juices over bird
Then pour excess fat off in containers to store.
You can also put fat into ice cube containers and freeze to use throughout the year.it will make the best roast potatoes
Allow 45mins resting time before carving

Scottish beef on the bone

Take beef out of fridge 4/6 hours before cooking
Once at room temperature pre heat oven to 180c fan assisted
Season beef with salt and pepper. Seal and colour beef in a pan
With a good knob of butter and a slash of veg oil.

Place beef on a bed of roughly chopped celery, thyme, carrot and onions
And roast. Roasting time depends more on width of beef than weight. Approximately though a 2 bone rib would be 1.30 /1.45 mins.

Allow 30/45mins to rest beef after cooking. While resting take pan with roasted vegtables and juices and add a jar of lewis beef stock and A glass or two of red wine. Place pan on the hob and scrape bottom of pan with a wooden spoon. Reduce liquid a little and then put through a sieve for the perfect gravy

Boneless beef joints

same process as above , cooking time again will vary on width
Of beef a narrow one ( 4-5 inches)approximately 1hour . Any wider
Add another 20mins or so depending on how you like your beef cooked

Lewis great taste gold award winning sausage rolls

For best results cook from frozen in a preheated oven at 180c
Fan assisted for 45 mins on a metal tray lined with greaseproof

Lewis pigs in blankets with great taste gold award cocktail

Defrost preferably in fridge over night and cook for 45 mins
At 180c

Stuffing tubes

Cut into 1 inch disc while semi frozen and place in a metal tray and cook for 45 mins at 180c

Lewis turkey gravy

Heat gently in a pan and stir occasionally try not to boil it!